China’s governing officials were also artists and connoisseurs

The men who undertook the grueling civil examinations gained a wealth of knowledge of classical literature, history, and art. They ran China’s local and imperial bureaucracies, but they were often artists and patrons of the arts as well.

  1. TOPICOne Brush Tiger Character

  2. 4Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion (Lanting Xu)

  3. 1Stone seal

  4. 5–6, 9Ink cake, inkstone, brush, and paper

  5. 7–8Brush pot and brush rest

  6. 2–3Water dropper and brush washer

  7. 10–12Scholar’s rock and cricket cages

  8. 13–14Censer and brush or incense holder

  9. TOPICDetail landscape painting